Shepherdess Angie B Songs of Praise

Angie B Songs of Praise

My commitment is to share my music with each of you for the sole purpose of building the Kingdom of God.~

Artist Description:

I am a people person who engage in community endeavors. My dreams are being fulfilled with great joy. It is now my time and season to step out on faith and look to a more adventurous journey from the Lord as he lead me to higher heights and a deeper depth in him. I am so humbled, and believe that all things are possible, if we only believe in Jesus Christ. I am willing to go through the fire, so as long as I know that Jesus is right there in front of me.

I stand on the word of God, and his promises are true. And, as I build my hope on my most holy faith, I am a firm believer in Christ that he will guide my every footsteps. I do take great pride in the
songs the Lord gave me, and I know these songs are shared in love, as each one mentors to the soul of the listener for the Lord's Glory. It is also with great joy that I am even allowed to sing my praises to our great God, Jesus Christ! 
Shepherdess Angie B, 10:18 p.m. 6/22/11

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As I continue to Network with Social Collaborations on the Web, I am finding out that young and old are in need of communication. It is my desire to help others in my everyday encounters as God give me constant assignments for me to pursue. I have been able to connect with very serious and
creative minded individuals who expect great things to happen for our 'Youth', by embracing them with available resources. ['Angienewmuzic'] is just a part of the many ways God is leading me as a dedicated 'Visionary' to proclaim the works that he has so purposed in my heart to pursue.
Shepherdess Angie B, 10:31 p.m. 6/22/11

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~Angela Booker is

'Shepherdess Angie B'~

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